Woodblock Chocolate Bars – Salt & Nibs and 70% Dark

While most chocolate bar makers are content purchasing processed cacao, Jessica and Charley Weelock start with the whole cacao bean to have a greater degree of control over the flavor profile. They roast the raw cacao beans in their Portland manufactory using a 1910 Royal No 5 drum roaster. The extra effort, we think you'll agree, is well worth it.

Salt & Nibs is crafted from a thoughtful blend of 70% Ecuadorian and Peruvian cacao with added nibs for a slight crunch and a rich, roasted flavor. 25 grams.

70% Dark Chocolate is crafted with Peruvian cacao and would require the poetic vocabulary of a sommelier or a Portland barista to describe the layers of flavor. 25 grams.

Perfect to include in any gift package.

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